I’m a Cambridge based hardware designer (I work for Arm) who pretends to be a Photographer and loves listening Music.

  • Since primary school, I have been fascinated with technical solutions that surrounded me. My Dad was my first teacher. He explained to me how the iron thermostat works, showed me washing machine’s insides and we made a “telephone” by connecting two matchbox cases with a thread, talking to each other from two different rooms.
  • I loved “Enchanted Pencil” cartoon. There was a boy who could draw solutions for real-life problems using his pencil – the pencil could materialize anything that was drawn. I was watching his efforts with my mouth open, waiting for the final “demonstration” to see how his machines turned into life. That was my number one cartoon with no doubt!
  • Later, when I was 12, I became a proud owner of the Atari 130
    Source: wikipedia.org
    Source: wikipedia.org

    XE machine. I spent hours rewriting BASIC-based programs from a handbook, trying to figure out what each line was responsible for.

  • When I was 15, I went to the Technical College of Electronics. I was lucky to meet teachers who taught me how to think in an “electronic way”. I constructed my first radio receiver, became a member of the CB radio community and built light dimmer in my room that worked for several years.
  • Once I received multimeter as a Christmas gift from my parents. I decided to measure the current without any receiver in parallel to the power socket. Well, that was about it. Black smoke, specific smell, and parents asking what happened as there was no light in the entire house.
    • That wasn’t, unfortunately, the last multimeter I burned. During my Electronic studies we had laboratory sessions. I remember one especially. We did everything correct, expect one tiny mistake. For one moment, I connected DC voltage meter with max input of 30V to AC source of 220V. Familiar smoke filled the room…
Early years
Early years at Bieszczady Mountains, Poland
  • I was also an active scout. That is a fantastic feeling when the kids, who were under my supervision, sent me text messages even a couple of years after the camp!
  • Thanks to scouting I discovered mountains, and soon after the photography

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